Allsop Consulting Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Allsop Consulting was established as a consultancy and development business by Trevor Allsop after working in the computer industry for the previous twenty years. The business plan was simple: provide IT solutions to customers where ‘off-the-shelf’ software solutions were not available.

It soon became clear that the needs and requirements of many customers had moved on from solutions based on basic accounting ledgers, to actually using IT to make the customer’s business better. This led into the areas of Scanning, Touch Screens and Business Management Tools, which in turn inspired other bolt-on applications designed to complement the customers’ ever growing demands in respect of business requirements that were unavailable as standard packages.

As the demand from customers grew, Allsop Consulting increased its workforce and expanded development skills to ensure customers were provided with the best business solutions possible. Originally creating solutions using Microsoft Office and Visual Basic, Allsop Consulting have been adapting to the ever-changing technology landscape by introducing new products and platforms, to maintain the objective of “using IT to make the customer’s business better”.

Now, eighteen years later, Allsop Consulting are heavily involved with modern Cloud and Mobile technology, with solutions created utilising products such as Office 365, SharePoint, .NET, Azure, and GeoPal. The objective of using IT to make the customer’s business better remains Allsop Consulting’s main goal, and by using modern technologies we are now able to do this faster, easier and with less cost, whilst producing more resilient, secure and reliable solutions.