Bespoke Development

Allsop Consulting have been developing bespoke IT solutions for over 15 years. Where out-of-the-box solutions fail to deliver, we work closely with our customers to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to develop the solution they need to meet their goals.

Bespoke Development Solutions from Allsop Consulting

Our bespoke development process

1. Customer Approach
The customer approaches us with the ‘problem’ or ‘requirement’ that they feel needs a bespoke development solution.
2. Requirements Investigation
We investigate the pre-requisites with the customer, to ensure that a bespoke solution is definitely needed, and to tease out the exact requirements that they have. Allsop Consulting have a wealth of experience in this step, and often a customer’s problem is more easily solved by configuring an existing system to suit their needs. Standard solutions are often cheaper, and we feel nobody wins by ‘re-inventing the wheel’.
3. Informed Choice
Where a bespoke solution is required, we will offer several ways of using various technologies or processes to achieve the desired result. We work hard to ensure the customer is well informed of their options and aren’t confused by jargon or technology barriers.
4. Solution Proposal
Allsop Consulting will draw up a proposal which is clear, concise and outlines the associated costs with a bespoke solution. After consultation with us, most customers know exactly what they need and what is involved by this stage, so we keep the documentation simple and to the point.
5. Development Begins
The customer agrees that the proposal meets their requirements and we get to work on developing the solution.
6. Agile Development
Throughout development, the customer is kept closely informed of progress and is often shown early iterations or prototypes of the solution. This is to ensure that what we develop is meeting their expectations, but also to allow us to cater for any changes to the specification that may arise. When it happens, we openly discuss what their options are, if additional development will be needed, and what cost impact it will have, if any. We always develop our solutions with agility in mind, so a change in requirement does NOT always mean extra cost will be incurred.
7. Solution Delivery
When complete, the solution is delivered and the customer is taken through it to ensure all their original goals are achieved. However, the customer is usually aware before this that their needs have been met due to their interaction throughout the development, so this stage is usually the quickest (and most satisfying) for all involved!

Whether you need a completely new solution, or your existing systems need updating, we can develop the solutions you require in order to help your business grow and succeed.

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